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The following animals are for sale. The listings will be updated as often as possible! If you have any questions about the listing(s), please visit the Contact Information page where you will find an email, phone number and comment section. Due to the fact that we are just getting started in the Babydoll Sheep World, we do not have any for sale yet, BUT we will be listing some of our smiling NABSSAR Babydoll Sheep soon!​ 

Pygmy Crosses

Brother (L) and Sister (R) Pygmy Cross 
Born July 25th, 2017
Pepper (R) is a wether. Very friendly!
Coco (L) is a nanny. She is friendly and ready for breeding! She has been in with a spotted Boer billy.

$100.00 for Wether
$125.00 for Nanny
​$200.00 for the Pair


Pygmy/Nigerian Crosses