Piney Creek Critters
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Raising Animals from All Walks Of Life
Piney Creek Critters
Goats, Sheep, Dogs, & Horses
​​Goats: Boers, Nubians, Nigerian Dwarfs, Pygmy & Crosses
Sheep: NABSSAR Registered Southdown Babydoll Sheep
Dogs & Horses of Various Breeds

Raising & Selling
For now, we are defiitely doing more raising then selling because we are building up our herd, and it is hard to sell animals that you love and care for! As for those that we are selling, the animals will be listed under the For Sale Tab. 
Our Goal
Our goal is to raise animals that offer a wide range of resources; whether that be raising them as pets, or for showing, or for milk, meat, etc. Mostly, they are raised at our home for the pleasure of getting to sit on the porch and look at them!